September 15, 2021

Steward Health Care Utah to Increase Minimum Wage to $15 per Hour

South Jordan, Utah – Steward Health Care’s Western Region leadership team is pleased to announce that, effective September 19, 2021, the minimum wage for all Utah-based hospital employees will increase to $15 per hour, double the current federal minimum wage. This increase will positively affect roughly 350 employees in 49 hospital departments, both clinical care and support functions.

“At Steward, we are passionate about compensating our employees with a market competitive wage reflective of their commitment to our patients,” said Brian Dunn, President of Steward’s Western Region. “Our employees have exhibited loyalty and dedication throughout the pandemic and beyond. We are committed to ensuring that we compensate our valued staff fittingly, now and always.”

In addition to the minimum wage increase, Steward also recently announced merit increases for all employees and realigned specialty nursing wages. Nurses in advanced care areas were given pay increases to reflect advanced certifications and critical care nursing skills. The new pay scales more commensurate nursing skill and competency with appropriate pay practices.

“Offering a competitive living wage for our hard-working caregivers is very important towards our goal of being a top employer of choice. Our goal is to ensure that our employees can adequately provide for their families while supporting our mission of caring for our patients and our community,” said Dunn. “We will continue to monitor and assess the market and make adjustments as necessary as part of our comprehensive compensation program which also includes paid leave, insurance and retirement.”

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